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Fanfics and Roleplaying!

Hello! I've already advertised this in hemuloki long ago, and I thought I'd post here in case there are any members still watching who might be interested. (:

I'm the mod for the roleplay section of The Anime Slash (we are not yaoi themed at all but yaoi fans are welcome of course) and we're always looking for new Matantei Loki characters in our multifandom section (Wayward Academy) or our manga crossovers. We already have a Mayura, a Loki, and a Verdandi so please check it out! I'm Colormyworld there.

Also, I have two Matantei Loki fanfics that are currently ongoing if you want to check them out. One is "The Mythical Detective Mayura", a retelling of Matantei Loki where Mayura is a goddess and Loki the mortal who becomes her assistant detective. 

The other is "All Out Assassin Attack", a continuation of the anime. I also have some oneshots...everything can be seen here: but for now please enjoy a preview of "All Out Assassin Attack". It's being updated quite frequently, and is at 11 chapters currently. ^_^


All Out Assassin Attack

Chapter 1:

The Golden Haired Goddess and the Otaku

Ever so casually, the tall man stepped towards the woman, man, and large creature bowing before him. His long white robes fell behind him, his red eyes glimmering with an emotion that could not be placed. The woman smiled happily. “My lord, you have called me here?”

“Yes,” The tall man said, walking back up the stairs and taking a seat upon the throne there. “I have. I have an assignment for you three.”

“Which would be?” Asked the man before him, still on the ground, bowing to the greater god.

“I would like…the problem eliminated. Can I trust you three to do that?”

“None of us feel loyalty to him, you know that.” The man bowing responded. “That is not a problem at all.”


Someone, listening through the outside wall, paled. “No.” He whispered, looking around before frowning. “I have to reach her, before they get anyw-“

A beautiful woman interrupted him. “I am coming as well.” She said with a kind smile and the man nodded.


“Lokiiii…” The cheerful voice of the self-proclaimed beautiful detective rang through the mansion.

Mayura wandered around, looking around the house. “I thought I’d stop by before school today, because I’m really early.”

Yamino came out of the kitchen and smiled. “Mayura.” He said happily. “How are you this morning?”

“Great, thanks. I just wanted to say hello before school. Where’s Loki?” She asked.

“Master Loki is out walking Fenrir. I’ll tell him you stopped by, but you really shouldn’t stay here long. You’re not that early, school starts in two min-“

“Oh no! I’ll be late!” Mayura shrieked, and ran faster than she ever had before out of the house.


Narugami tried very hard not to laugh as Mayura stumbled in, her hair frizzy and a leaf stuck to it. “In a rush this morning, Daidouji?”

“Well I stopped at Loki’s house.” She said, sitting at a desk.

“I see.” Narugami said, while wondering if anything odd was going on like it usually was with his uncle.

The teacher came in and adjusted his glasses. “Ahem, class. We have a new student today. May I introduce Noriko Yoshida.”

A tall teenager walked in, wearing the uniform all students were required to wear. She had hazel eyes, and golden hair that was tied into a ponytail that reached her lower back. She was beautiful, and Narugami froze.

Mayura smiled. ‘Aw, so cute! Narugami has a crush!’ She thought cheerfully. ‘I wonder how her hair is so golden? Mystery!’

“Wait! I’m new here, tooo!” Came a shout from the hallway and, panting, a tall teenage boy came into the room.

He had messy black hair, ice blue eyes and pale skin. He was handsome, however, and oddly familiar…

“Sorry,” He bowed. “I’m the other transfer student. Na-“

“Ken.” Interrupted Noriko with a smile.

“Naken?” Asked the teacher.

“No, Ken.” Noriko said cheerfully. “His last name begins with Na.” She said. “We met in the office.” She said, upon receiving a confused look from the teacher.

“Ah, I understand.”

Mayura noticed Narugami still staring and waved a hand in front of his face. “Narugami?”

The boy snapped out of his trance as the teacher asked the new students to take seats, with Noriko beside Mayura and Ken in front of Narugami.

“Noriko,” Narugami started. “Are you by any chan-“

“And who are you?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Narugami, but…” He sighed. “Nevermind.”

Mayura smiled. “Hi you two, I’m Mayura Daidouji! It’s a pleasure to meet you! Would you like to join the mystery club?”

Narugami sweat-dropped. She sure got to the point, didn’t she?

“I’m not a big fan of mysteries.” Noriko said honestly. “But I’d love to come along to the mysteries and hang out anyway...I could use a friend in this area, too…”

“Mysteries? I love them!” Ken said, turning to face her. “My mother used to as well, before she…” He paused.

Noriko continued to speak, as if giving Ken a break from the awkward topic he had just gotten into. “So we’ll both join…”

Mayura was already into a new mystery-which had been filed (in her mind, of course) as “Ken Na-something’s Mother…Mysterious!”

The teacher interrupted by announcing the day’s topic.

“Now, continuing on with our discussion of Norse mythology…”

Narugami almost died laughing. “Easiest discussion ever.” He said cheerfully to himself. After all, he’d experienced it all.

Was that a good thing or a bad thing, though? He began to daydream about what it’d be like if he really was mortal. Well, there’d be no Sif for one thing…

“Mr. Narugami, are you paying attention?”

“Of course.” Narugami said, sitting up quickly.

“Good, than you can answer this. Who was the most beautiful goddess?”

“Depends on your opinion.” Narugami said in annoyance.

“Hm, I suppose. Freya is the name I wanted. Who is the god of thunder?”

“Thor.” Came a response, and Narugami, surprised, turned to look at Noriko. She hadn’t been paying attention either, she was in fact doodling. “And he had a wife, children…a mighty god and one people adored.”

“Good. Narugami, perhaps the new student should give you lessons on Norse mythology.”

Noriko smiled. “I’m an expert.” She said cheerfully, golden hair falling over one shoulder.


Later that day, Mayura was walking with Ken and Noriko, showing them around town. They had stopped multiple times as the newcomers looked astounded at ordinary events. Narugami had been off to what else but a part-time job.

Next on the Daidouji Tour of Japan (or at least a few blocks of it) was…

“LOKIII!” The small detective heard the scream from the basement, where he was searching through old trunks. Fenrir, upstairs, began barking.

“Mystery girl, Daddy!”

“Ahhh…. brother!” Loki heard his younger son running quickly to the door.

“Hellooo Yamino!”

“Mayura…hold on. Master Loki!”

Loki walked upstairs, looking annoyed and a bit dusty.

“Hi Loki! I met some new friends today and I wanted them to meet you!” Mayura said happily, smiling wide.

“We’re friends already?” Noriko asked, blinking.

Ken sweat-dropped.

“Oh, really?” Loki asked, not looking all that interested.

Yamino smiled. “Hello. Mayura, will you please introduce us?”

“Sure!” Mayura said. “This is Ken and Noriko…Noriko, Ken, meet Yamino and Loki.” Fenrir barked in annoyance. “Oh, and this is Fenrir.”

Noriko smiled. “Nice to meet you.” She said cheerfully, and Loki looked up at her. She seemed oddly familiar…

Ken bent down to pet Fenrir, who seemed happier now. “This is a nice house.” He commented. “What is your relation to Yamino, Loki? I’m sorry if it’s rude to ask, but it’ll bother me unless I know.”

“Distant cousins!” Mayura said cheerfully, answering for him.

Loki and Yamino exchanged glances, before Loki turned to Mayura with his usual smirk. “Right.”

Fenrir looked at Ken significantly and then at Loki, before he contently wandered off.

Ecchan watched him leave and looked at the two newcomers. “Punyah…Master Loki, what’s wrong with Fenrir?”

“I haven’t a clue.” Loki responded, leaving Mayura confused again.

“Uh…who is he talking to?” Ken whispered to Mayura.

“I don’t know. Maybe a ghost…or alien! Mystery!”


Noriko twisted a strand of gold hair thoughtfully as she looked around the foyer. “Perhaps…Mayura should show Ken around? I’d like to ask you something in private.” She said quietly.

Ken didn’t hear her at all, but Mayura somehow picked up the part involving her. “Great idea! I’ll give you both a tour. C’mon!”

“No thanks. I’d like to talk to Loki.” Noriko said with a kind smile.

“Alright. Meet up with us! Let’s go Ken!” Mayura dragged him off into the mysterious beyond of the upstairs.

When they were out of earshot, Noriko giggled. “You look terrific.” She said with a slightly evil smile.

“I didn’t expect to see you on Midgard.” Loki said casually.

“So the girl hasn’t a clue?”

“Nope. Now what did you want to know?” He asked, getting to the point as Yamino decided it was a good time to leave, which made Loki and Noriko alone…together.

“I can’t find my beloved!” Whined Noriko uncharacteristically. “I searched the entire globe!”

“Sif, did you ever think that maybe he looks and acts differently on Midgard than on Asgard? That maybe he’s…I don’t know…a high school student who does about a hundred part-time jobs a week?”

The goddess froze. “No…my dear husband, god of thunder, the mighty Thor? I would expect him to be just as tough on Midgard as he is at home…perhaps even gain a kingdom or three. Thor is not a mortal, and he would not even consider appearing to be one for one second…Thor is not a weak man, and he would never, EVER choose to do something as meaningless as…part-time jobs.” She ranted angrily, and Loki had a bit of a difficult time understanding her.

The door then chose to swing open and hit Noriko quite hard, knocking her into a wall as a certain sneezing god entered.

“Damn, Loki, I saw the weirdest thing today…” Narugami began, closing the door and looking down to see Noriko with a huge bump on her head and a disoriented look on her face.

“What’s she doing here?! I came to tell you I saw this girl today and I was wondering if she reminded you of Sif as well…?”

“She IS Sif.” The god of fire said in annoyance, while wondering how stupid two married gods could possibly be.

“What? Sif?”

Noriko immediately woke up. “Huh? Weirdo from school? Uh…did you call me Sif?”

“It’s me, Thor!”

“Oh….damn. Sorry, but you’re so…normal looking on Midgard.” Sif said, looking deep in thought.

Thor fell over at his wife’s response.

“Hey is that Ken guy one of us?” Thor asked, over the shock now.

Loki shook his head. “The guy can’t see Ecchan and he’s about as intelligent as Mayura…I can tell even without reading his aura.”

“Oh….Loki, do you have your powers back?” Sif asked, her ‘meaningful’ reunion with Thor over.

“Yes.” He sighed. “I do…but I remain a child for two reasons: first of all, Mayura doesn’t know. Secondly, I don’t want to make Heimdall cry because I’m so much taller.”

Both gods sweat-dropped at him.

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