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Doujinshi Cover Lineart

Okay. Still on track with my doujinshi project.

I had the idea pop into my head (other artists might understand. I call them photographic glimpses) last night around...3:30 AM. So naturally, I threw caution to the wind and sat down and drew it out before I forgot it.

Despite the various mistakes there might be, I'm extremely happy with this piece. Happy enough to color it, which I will probably do tonight (and I haven't colored anything in...months, so that's saying something).

As mentioned in the title of this entry, this will likely be the cover page to my doujinshi. ^_^ The doujinshi title itself hasn't been decided yet, but I'm working on that too.

Hope you enjoy it. Any C&C is welcome.

Hopefully I'll have it colored in a day or two. ^^; And then I'll be working on the next five pages to follow the first, which are already sketched out.
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