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I'm pretty noobish when it come's to loki/mayura I've only seen the anime ;___; so the only big hint was EP 26 (dies) But can somebody explain me the relationship between loki and mayura in the manga. Mayuloki moments? please tell me!

Sorry for sounding rude. I only have The mythical detective Loki Ragnarok VOL2. The second series seem to confuse me and all. Mayura is suddenly not so important! ;___; but it's about Loki now, about loki's point of view, but still...

(I really wish there where manga scans with loki/mayu moments Curse the bookstore!curse ADV for not translating the first series! give me my maloki manga!)

ps. don't let this community die! make mayuloki fics! drawings, incons...translate doujinshi's hehe...Ops! come on! revive this community!

 Anyway, please explain! spoil away ^__^ dabate!

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