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I'm also wondering if there will be other mayura loki doujinshi scanlations...I think the chances are zer0 but one can hope right T___T
and the hemuloki will forever be closed? What happened? A lot of people went MIA but the same can be said for me...but I did check the community a few times. I feel like I'm a bad person for not being active. I see a sign that the loki fandom is coming to the end? Please don't say "yes"...It saddens me to see the community quite down but that's what you have with a small fanbase. Same with some other fanbases I joined. They seem to slowly die away...T___T

I'm going to upload the other mayuloki doujin if anyone missed it. I'll post it.
I hope you don't mind it....I don't have Ura ren-ge though. Sobs. (Wishing for one to post that doujinshi scanlation)
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